Size Guide

1. Find out the size of your ring by measuring your finger.

Prepare a strip of paper approximately 3mm wide and at least 70mm long. Wrap it around your finger, at the knuckle, so that it adapts perfectly and is not at all loose.

Next, use a pen to mark the point at which the paper overlaps the other side. A little piece of tape will help you hold it in place while marking with the pen.

Unfold the paper by pulling out the tape holding it. With a tape measure or ruler, take the measurement from the beginning to the mark you made with the pen.

Subtract 40 from the resulting number in millimetres and it’s the size of your ring! So, if for example you have 52 mm, this means your ring size is 12.

To help you with this, we have prepared a video in which you can see the process step by step.


2. Know the size of my ring by measuring the inner diameter of a ring.

Another way is to measure the internal diameter of a ring which suits you well. Put the ring on a ruler or tape measure and you will know the millimeters of the inner diameter. Next, look at the chart to see its size.